Thursday, October 14, 2010

Who does she look like?

It's the infamous question that comes with the birth of a baby. "Who does she look like?" or "Does he look like his daddy?" It's a surprise that fortunately you still can't totally spoil. I mean, sonograms are getting more and more like photographs, but nothing compares with laying your eyes on the real flesh of that sweet baby. Round or oval eyes? Square face or a perfect circle? Hair or bald? So many things to wonder about. Then, even when they arrive, there are days they resemble one parent more than the other. And of course, everyone has a different perspective or set of eyes from which they see your baby. So while some people say she looks just like her mama, others are certain she is the spittin' image of her daddy.

As for Lydia she, for the most part, looks like her daddy. I most certainly see myself in her. (And I better after pushing her out victoriously after laboring alone and with no pain meds! :) Sorry, prideful moment there. Nonetheless, even MY parents sit back in amazement at the resemblence to her daddy grows stronger every day. I like the whole game personally--Everyone trying to figure out whose traits she has. The more I hear the question "Who does she look like?" The more I think about whose image we were all made in.
Genesis 1:27 (NIV)
So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.
Lydia Jane will always have pieces of us in her that she can't get rid of no matter how hard she could try. She is made from us, from our flesh, she grew inside of me, and we will influence her greatly as she grows. We will always be a part of her. I hope she takes joy in both the physical and internal traits she carries that will make people say "Oh that face looks just like a face your dad makes." Or, "You sound like your mother." Or maybe even "Yah, that fiesty side is definitely from your mama."

But she still has choices to make. Choices that could make people wonder "Who are YOUR parents?!" Or make people shake their heads and wonder what went wrong because her actions won't line up with our teachings or beliefs. She could, it is in her capability, to live so far outside of our framework that any resemblances she carries with her could be very difficult to see. I'm just saying it is possible, though I pray for her faith constantly.

Family resemblence is a thing of wonder, a miracle in itself, and a fun blessing. But when people look at me do they see more than my mother or father or sisters? Do they see my Heavenly Father? Do they see The Author & Perfecter of our faith? Do they see love & kindness? Patience & understanding? Or do I leave people wondering who I came from or who I belong to?

It's a question I hope to ask myself every day. I know whose image I was made in, but whose image am I living in?

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