Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Going to the chapel

Brian & Kelsie's wedding was wonderful! We all had a great time spending time together in Vegas, at the Bellagio, the Frank Caliendo show, and winning big at penny and nickel slots. :) Brian & Kelsie make a great couple and we couldn't be happier for them.

Now it's 'back to the daily grind' of getting up early, going to work, and working on my Masters. I don't knwo what it is about me, but for many years I have gotten what I all "Sunday Night Anxiety". Even in junior high I would get this sick-to-my-stomach kind of feeling usually on a Sunday night or right before school started up again after a break. I could never really explain it, nor can I now, but I definitely see the pattern in my life. Something about the looming 'to-do' lists that lie ahead with a new week or the endless expectation and responsibilities or maybe just the getting up early each day when you're exhausted, has a way of weighing me down. I have to remind myself, "Everything is okay. I'm good. I'm good? Yeah, I'm good." haha. I know I sound a little crazy or unstable, but aye if the truth be told...

As I prepare for motherhood I realize that my only choice is to press on with the practice of trusting The Lord on a daily basis or I know I will not survive. While my excitement grows along with my stomach, I still occasionally glance ahead at the near future and see piles of laundry, dusty shelves, tons of dishes, and exhaustion (Oh wait, so basically just double of what I see now). It can be a little overwhelming to think about. Still, I know, that with each little smile or coo from my new little joy I will count it all a blessing. (Okay, maybe not a blessing, but at least not that bad)

With that, I am off to be productive. . . to the best of my ability anyways.