Sunday, May 30, 2010


We have moved past the stage of denial & have recently accepted the reality that we are now on the market for computers. (is that how you say it? We're "on the market" as in we are now going to be shopping for computers?

It's hard to accept our beloved laptops may really be gone, but in the next few weeks it will be time to purchase another. Farewell beloved Macbook & brand new Sony Vaio. You were just things, but you knew so much. . .

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Get a load of them berries. . .

I love living near all of this good fruit. It is absolutely delicious.

I mean, seriously. Get a load of these berries!

Have you ever seen such a luscious layout of juicy, big heart-pumping strawberries?

I purchased the strawberries for a Gold Canyon Candle party I hosted at our home. I am slowly getting over the fear of hosting people at our house. At first our house was never clean enough or not put together, then-or always-it came down to "what on earth would I cook!?" Well I didn't cook anything, not even the brownies I served. Right-I know, I can make a batch of brownies, but listen to be quite frank I had spent all day cleaning, mopping, dusting, etc. So the last thing I wanted to do was do a bunch of baking and then hand wash all of the dishes in my tiny little sink and re-wipe down the counters before guests arrived. No thanks, I'll buy the plastic little box from the bakery and cut them into tiny squares. And then I'll let people assume I did a nice little bake number in the kitchen. I should have bought one of those baking candles ahead of time so my house smelled like the freshly baked goods I had just opened-uh, I mean baked, of course.

And what would I do without my agile husband to jump up on the counter & retrieve the items needed that are out of my reach?
Well... I'd climb up there myself and get them. Even in my pregnant state I have done so... but I ask myself, "Why? For what reason when I have THIS at home who can do it for me?"

Step 1: Sneak up on the dish
Step 2: Grab it by the neck.
Step 3: Pose in triumph.
My final display of the goods I "assembled" for the little candle party I hosted
On the menu:
Pita chips and roasted red pepper hummus (so good)
Chocolate brownies
Strawberries and Cream Cheese Dip
(Cream cheese + brown sugar + vanilla extract = 20 strawberries eaten by myself)

And then... just to ruin the delicious images you just saw, (including the ones of my husband), I'd like to show you this:

The next morning I found that our dog Duke had placed his squeaky toy in the empty dog bowl.

Is he trying to send me a message here?

Thursday, May 27, 2010


My best friend pointed out to me the other day that I am totally nesting. I've been organizing rooms, deep cleaning, sorting, etc. I guess I just thought nesting was only what I would do in regards to the baby's room, but I think nesting has spread through my whole house.

On the topic of the baby's room, however, I'd like to show you a couple of my nesting purchases.

1st is the fabric for the baby bedding.
I'm going with an aqua, wheat/yellow, antique red, & brown.

2nd I bought an antique dresser that had been refinished in the same aqua color. I did my best to get the photo to truly represent the color, but who knows what it looks like on your computer screen. So just trust me, it's beautiful!!

I found this girl through
She only lives a little more than an hour from me & so I found another antique dresser on Craigslist & she is refinishing that one for our bedroom.
Check her out at:
Her name is Julie & her style is so cute!

I think I am going to paint the walls the yellow in my color pallet. We'll see!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Anniversary Recap

Lee had to take a picture on his phone so that he could post to facebook where he had taken me for our anniversary. :) isn't that cute?

We had a great dinner at Ruth's Chris Steak House.

The food was so delicious--from beginning to end.

The baby thought so, too. :)

The night before our anniversary I was feeling a little sad, because on May 8 our home was burglarized while we were in Bakersfield and the diamond earrings Lee had given me for our wedding were stolen. On the eve of our anniversary I was feeling the loss more personally knowing I wouldn't be able to wear them to our anniversary dinner like I had imagined doing every year for the rest of our lives when he first gave them to me.
I felt a little ashamed that I was putting so much emotional investment into a "thing"--a sentimental thing, yes, but a thing nonetheless. So I shared my feelings with Lee and then finished doing my devotions before bed. As we laid our heads down I prayed out loud,
"Lord, I'm sorry that I am consumed with this right now. I am so thankful for all that you have given us, that my husband is healthy, for a year of marriage, and our healthy baby on the way. I have so much to praise you for.
I ask, Lord, that you give us a victory tomorrow for our anniversary. Please give us a victory in this whole burglary mess. Just one, however small, just one for us on our anniversary. We would really like it, God."
The things we lost in the burglary were:
Both of our laptops (and thus the photos & files on them)--please don't tell me we should have backed it all up, I know this full well now. Hindsight really IS 20/20.
My wedding earrings
A ring I wore in my wedding that had been my mother's
My Grandma Sara's gold & Jade ring
Various jewelry pieces: my class ring from APU, a Tiffany ring, some earrings

After we returned home from dinner we were getting ready for bed & for some strange reason I was kind of thumbing through my jewelry drawer. I really don't remember why I was even looking in there. Since the burglary I have searched the drawer on several occasions hoping a piece I thought was missing had been dropped or shuffled under something else, but had never had any luck finding anything. Then, literally like a miracle, there was my Grandma Sara's Jade ring staring up at me.

I immediately just said, "Thank you Jesus!"
And that was it. That was our victory.
I don't know how I had missed the ring before, I don't know how it had fallen out of the box they had taken from the drawer, I don't know--I just know I serve a God that is THAT great.
Thanks for the victory, Lord.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Say What?!

Last week Lee & I were driving home from a Dr's appointment and I comment on the 4.5lbs gained in one month. He does the noble husband thing and says, "Remember, the Dr. said the baby had a little growth spurt!"

Sigh. "Thank you husband. It better not have too many more of those, I don't want a huge baby."

Lee responds, "I want a 12 pound baby."

With a shocked expression on my face, "Why would you ever wish that on your wife? Do you even love me?"

ha ha ha. I love my husband.

Monday, May 24, 2010

One Year Today and a Baby on the Way. . .

One year ago today we were just moments from that big moment. . . walking down the isle, exchanging vows, making promises, being pronounced husband and wife. It was perfectly wonderful.

In honor of our first anniversary I wanted to post the letters we wrote to each other and our vows.

Lee's letter to me:

Here I stand before you, just moments away from being pronounced your husband. My heart is overwhelmed with so many emotions that are all centered around the thought of spending the rest of my life with you. I wanted to take a few moments to share with you my vision of what you can expect from me in our future together. First & foremost, I will love you deeper with each day no matter what comes our way. I will find new ways to show you this love & work hard to sustain it. I will not take what we have for granted or expect it to just stay the same. I will listen to you & always try to understand you, while not trying to fix everything. I will respect your opinions, thoughts, and ideas as if they were my own. I will cherish every type of emotion we share together--whether it be laughing or crying. I will support you & encourage you as you begin a vocation in the years to come.
I will also fail you at some point, for I am human, but I will work real hard and make it up to you. I will be faithful and honest for I never want to you hurt you. I will work hard to keep God in the center of our relationship and family. I will be eager to serve you and protect you just the same. I will be open to leaning on you when I am weak and humble enough to show you that side. From this day forward, you have my heart and will forever be my greatest love, second only to our Lord and Savior.

My letter to Lee:

Dear Lee, a year ago I would have never guessed that I would be standing here today. In a few moments we'll make vows to one another full of great promise in which I will mean every word. I wish that I could promise to you that I will always give you perfect, selfless love, but I can't promise you perfection. What I can promise you is this: Everyday I will love you more than I did the day before, you will always have a friend in me, and no matter how much we may disagree or have bad days I will never ever leave you. We have both had our share of heartache, love that has failed us, and dreams that have crumbled, and while none of that pain can be justified, today our God has redeemed it. I will love you forever.

The vows-a few words were added in the actual ceremony and I've inserted these in parenthesis:

I promise to be your constant friend, faithful partner in life and ministry, and your one true love. Today in the eyes of our Faithful Lord and all these (good wet) people, I make these sacred promises.
I promise to keep a (my excellent) sense of humor, to forgive quickly, and to stay by your side in sickness and in health, in great joy and in deep sorrow, through good times and the bad.
I promise to love you without reservation.
From this day forward, I give myself to you completely.
Wherever you are will be home.
As long as we both shall live

It rained during our ceremony, but it was more than okay. That sun peaked out as we said our vows and all of the guests just said it was the Holy Spirit anointing all of us. :)

We sure have had an eventful first year. Transitioning was hard, learning to live with one another was quite an adjustment, and we faced a few obstacles, but we have learned to cherish every moment and trust The Lord with it all. In recent months The Lord has blessed fervently our joint pursuit of Him & His ways. At six months married we found ourselves with some surprising news: a little Lee & Sara Jo was on the way! Boy was this some big news that we felt a little less than ready for. But in the past few months God has done a great work in our hearts and in our marriage. We had struggled with feeling like we never got our 'honeymoon stage'--probably bc we kicked off our honeymoon with me puking the whole trip--but the past few months have truly been a gift from God in letting us taste that newness and romance once again. It has only made us more excited to bring a little person into our lives and start a family together.

Lee-I wouldn't even trade the hard times, thank you for an incredible love and friendship. You're such a blessing. I love laughing with you and being ourselves together. I am so excited to go on our anniversary dinner tonight. It's going to be amazing, just like all the years to come. And in a few months when our little one arrives, I have no fear that you are going to be a great Dad. I love you forever & always, no matter what.