Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The arrival of FLIP

My first set of cloth diapers have arrived.

Getting started was a little stressful because you have to follow the washing/drying instructions very strictly AND you have to use the right kind of detergent. I kept re-reading the instructions over and over before I finally tossed the things in the wash.

They look great on Lydia, but I still have several things to figure out to get my system ready.

1. Diaper pail
2. Diaper pail liner(s)--which one!? so many to choose from and expensive, I want to get the right one!
3. My total "system" (where will I rinse the solid unmentionables when they become too much to just wash, etc.)
4. Dry/wet bag for when we are away from home
5. More diapers & covers

I started the cloth diapers on Lydia last night right before bed. And I went through a full 24 hrs with what I have. I have enough inserts to keep going, but not enough covers for the little poop leak we had on the second cover I used. So back into a disposable for tonight until these are washed and dried again.

The only issue I am having is that my little doll's bum is wet when I go to change her. That is no bueno. Of course, maybe I waited to long to change her. I'm not sure. So far I only used the "Stay Dry" inserts (which obviously she didn't really STAY DRY). BUT, I may just need to change her more frequently. Not sure as we are definitely still in the trial run of this all. I have organic pre-folds I will try tomorrow & see how I feel about those.

I am not going to give up on the Stay Dry Inserts or the FLIP system I just need to do a little more research and ask some friends who use them.

I ordered a great 'starter kit' from bummis. When those arrive I will have 2 bummis covers, 6 Indian Prefolds & 5 Chinese Prefolds & One Snappi to hold the prefolds closed. I also went ahead and ordered a diaper pail liner and one small and one medium travel bag for the soiled diapers. These will definitely help my system here at home and on the go! I also ordered a BumGenius All-in-one 3.0 diaper just to see how I like an "all in one system". I think I will like the velcro fasteners on these better than the snaps like on the Flip covers (just because it is a little quicker). I also ordered one BumGenius 4.0 with an insert. I could have ordered this one with snaps or hook and loop closure. I chose hook and loop. Those probably won't be here until next Friday.

I'll keep you posted. :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Going Cloth

So, life can be expensive. And because I no longer work--for now--I've been looking for ways to cut corners, save money, stretch a dollar, et cetera. I had contemplated "going cloth" instead of disposable diapers many times before. However, no one in Lee or I's family has done cloth diapers and I don't know many people who do use cloth diapers. Once I started asking around, though, I have discovered lots of people who have gone cloth.
One friend who recently had a baby did lots of research. I took advantage of all the work she had already done and asked her lots of questions. Then I went to a woman in our church who has used cloth diapers (I think for all six of her children). I figure, if she isn't a pro by now, nobody is. I got great insight from both women.
For solely economical reasons, the most financially efficient cloth diapering system is using 8-ply chinese or indian pre-fold diapers (your standard cloth diaper) and a water-proof cover. She recommended Bummis.
There are many modern brands that are cut around the legs, have inserts, etc. and are considered by many parents to be a little easier to use. Still, my friend from church made a valid point: when you cut away fabric to get rid of the bulk and make it more 'fitted' you lose absorbency. I have taken all of this into consideration. I based my decision on a few factors.
1) This is new to me and I want to be committed to it. I need to do what I am able to handle & not bite off too big a chunk at first. Still, I want to dive in full force at the same time.
2) I need something that Lee will be comfortable using. He has a little trouble with poopy diapers as it is, so going cloth will be a stretch for him. I appreciate his willingness.
3) I don't want Lydia Jane to always look like she has a huge bum.
4) I need a system and I need options.
So... I ordered the FLIP cloth diapers kit to get started. But I am going to order a Bummis cover or two and standard 8-ply cloth diapers. These I will for sure use for night because there is longer need for absorbency. But I am starting with the "simpler to apply" method of the FLIP system just to get us started. They are supposed to arrive in the mail tomorrow. After our next pay check I will order some of the pre-folds and Bummis covers.
Right now all I have ordered are two covers, 6 organic inserts, and 12 stay-dry inserts. That cost me $101. Eighteen inserts will not be enough to function completely on cloth diapering. From what I have heard I need about 36-48 so that I'm not doing a half load of diapers every single day in order to have some dry and ready when I need them.
This is a video review of the flip diapering system.
I am eager to jump in to this challenge and look forward to blogging all about it and keep you posted on the challenges, funny moments, and adventures of cloth diapering!
You can also google or YouTube "Bummis" and see some of the options from that system.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Who does she look like?

It's the infamous question that comes with the birth of a baby. "Who does she look like?" or "Does he look like his daddy?" It's a surprise that fortunately you still can't totally spoil. I mean, sonograms are getting more and more like photographs, but nothing compares with laying your eyes on the real flesh of that sweet baby. Round or oval eyes? Square face or a perfect circle? Hair or bald? So many things to wonder about. Then, even when they arrive, there are days they resemble one parent more than the other. And of course, everyone has a different perspective or set of eyes from which they see your baby. So while some people say she looks just like her mama, others are certain she is the spittin' image of her daddy.

As for Lydia she, for the most part, looks like her daddy. I most certainly see myself in her. (And I better after pushing her out victoriously after laboring alone and with no pain meds! :) Sorry, prideful moment there. Nonetheless, even MY parents sit back in amazement at the resemblence to her daddy grows stronger every day. I like the whole game personally--Everyone trying to figure out whose traits she has. The more I hear the question "Who does she look like?" The more I think about whose image we were all made in.
Genesis 1:27 (NIV)
So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.
Lydia Jane will always have pieces of us in her that she can't get rid of no matter how hard she could try. She is made from us, from our flesh, she grew inside of me, and we will influence her greatly as she grows. We will always be a part of her. I hope she takes joy in both the physical and internal traits she carries that will make people say "Oh that face looks just like a face your dad makes." Or, "You sound like your mother." Or maybe even "Yah, that fiesty side is definitely from your mama."

But she still has choices to make. Choices that could make people wonder "Who are YOUR parents?!" Or make people shake their heads and wonder what went wrong because her actions won't line up with our teachings or beliefs. She could, it is in her capability, to live so far outside of our framework that any resemblances she carries with her could be very difficult to see. I'm just saying it is possible, though I pray for her faith constantly.

Family resemblence is a thing of wonder, a miracle in itself, and a fun blessing. But when people look at me do they see more than my mother or father or sisters? Do they see my Heavenly Father? Do they see The Author & Perfecter of our faith? Do they see love & kindness? Patience & understanding? Or do I leave people wondering who I came from or who I belong to?

It's a question I hope to ask myself every day. I know whose image I was made in, but whose image am I living in?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Vocabulary Mishaps

Sometimes Lee, while very intelligent, uses the wrong words for things. Sweet guy. I started noticing it when I was pregnant and then it continued after Lydia was born.

Here are a couple of my favorite examples:

Background: While in Las Vegas for Kelsie's wedding, Lee bought me a Dodgers maternity shirt.
Statement made while at home while putting clothing away:

Lee says, "Hey babe. Here's your onesie."
Sara Jo, confused, looks up, sees the 'onesie' aka maternity shirt and responds, "Well, I do try to avoid shirts that button at the crotch, but thank you babe."
He made this vocabulary mishap on more than one occasion. Hillarious.

The other favorite occured after Lydia was born.

Background: At home just a few days after LJ's birth, I'm in the living room with her and need Lee to get something for me.
Sara says, "Lee, can you go get me her binky please."
Lee responds, "Sure. Is it in her cage?"
Sara gives a confused look back and clarifies hesitantly, "umm, you mean her crib?"
Lee, a little embarrassed, "umm. yah."
This mishap was also made more than once and my mom and I really enjoyed teasing Lee about that.
However, I have had my share of vocabulary mishaps, as well. Only a really good one worth sharing that comes to mind and it is much more embarrassing than any of Lee's.

Background: It is a few days before Christmas 2009. Lee's family is at our home to celebrate Christmas because we will be heading to Kansas for the Holidays. Lee & I have known we are pregnant for just a couple weeks at this point and we are getting ready to tell the family. Our house is very cold in the winter and doesn't heat very evenly throughout the house so there are some "cold spots." I see my father-in-law shivering in his leather coat in the living room and I go to grab our little space heater to set up next to him.

Setting the heater next to him, I say, "Here you go! This little heater works great AND it ovulates!"
My father-in-law cleverly and quickly responds, "If it does that I don't want to be anywhere near it."
I am stumbling to correct, "Uh! I mean OSCILATES!"

Friday, October 8, 2010

Serious Savings

At our church mom's group a few weeks ago, Miriam Hofer shared her tricks & tips for saving money. She proved her success at shopping thrift stores by bringing in GREAT items that she got for less than $1 each. (Some were like 28 cents!!)
She gave us a handout with the information for thrift stores she shops at and the days they have sales. Yes, thrift stores have sales. So yesterday the Salvation Army in Reedley was having their 75% off children's clothing and the Open Gate in Dinuba was having 50% off infant clothes. Well, I decided to try my hand at the trade.

First I went to The Salvation Army in Reedley. I got the following:
size 12 month sweet dress for next summer
size 3-6 months brown skinny leggins with lace trim on the bottom
size 0-3 pink overalls AND i found the matching long sleeve shirt somewhere else on the rack
size 0-3 red pants with ruffle but, I love me some ruffle but on my little babe
size 12 month tutu swim suit for next summer. precious!


After shopping the Salvation Army, I headed to Fresno to hit the mall with a friend.
We went to Gap and I scoped the clearance racks at Gap Kids.
I got the following long sleeve onesies for right now, bc my little girl has mostly summer clothes in this size and I needed some long sleeve stuff.


After shopping at the mall I decided to hit the other deal at The Open Gate in Dinuba. So Lydi and I hit the road. When we got to The Open Gate there wasn't a whole lot there because it was already late in the day & people had already been shopping there. But it was 4:30 and I had 30 minutes to do some shopping. I grabbed a couple things and got the counter. My total was going to be $3.41 and they told me I could fill a brown paper sack for $5. Meaning, anything I could fit in the bag would still only cost me $5. Sweet. So I decided I'd keep looking. Next time I'll go early in the day, but still, check out my loot.

Four denim over-all pieces in sizes 0-3 months, 0-6, 6, and 12 months.
A vintage looking jumper for play time size 18  months.
A sweet little vintage white sweater-like onesie size 18 months.
3 size 2T dresses (botttom right, 2 pink, one denim)
Two little jumper one pieces size 12 months for next summer.
Spring dress size 9 months
A great little gap summer hat size 6-12 months
And a hand made little dress that I am going to use as a pattern to make others like it.
(Not pictured, 2 belts for myself)

So, let's consider my savings. Two items for $9.78. Twenty-Two items for $7.91.
I'm not saying I will never go buy Lydi anything new. Of course I will. But I don't think I am okay with spending $20+ on a piece of baby clothing that she may only wear twice before she grows out of it. Truth be told, I'd rather buy clothing for myself or Lee at that cost, because we'll wear it for years. Of course it is tempting to buy the super cute name brand things right off the rack, but the reality is that we aren't made of money, so I can only shop those racks when they are on sale or clearance. Plus, if I buy her something at thrift store prices and she does only wear it once or it gets ruined then I haven't lost a lot of money. Also, the majority of the items I bought at the thrift stores don't even look used. That's because how often does a baby wear 0-3 month overalls when they probably have an excess of other clothes? I am not buying my baby dirty, old, stained clothes. At thrift stores there are definitely items you don't want to buy, but you'd be surprised the treasures you can find. And I think that is what made it all so fun. So much fun it might be a new hobby of mine... like hunting treasure.
Yay for super savvy serious savings.
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Sunday, October 3, 2010

it's been a long time

When I am out and about I often think of things I would like to blog about. I have a handful of things I have yet to blog about that I have every intention of actually blogging... someday. It has been 3 1/2 weeks since I blogged. This is mostly because I went to KANSAS for TEN DAYS! What a blessing that was. I love my family so much & miss them all every day.

Here are just SOME photo favorites from the trip.

Oh these uploads are just taking way too long. I will post the whole album to my blog on the side. MUCH easier. Maybe I'll post more later.

I am also back in Reedley now and will be more committed to frequent blogging.