Sunday, October 24, 2010

Going Cloth

So, life can be expensive. And because I no longer work--for now--I've been looking for ways to cut corners, save money, stretch a dollar, et cetera. I had contemplated "going cloth" instead of disposable diapers many times before. However, no one in Lee or I's family has done cloth diapers and I don't know many people who do use cloth diapers. Once I started asking around, though, I have discovered lots of people who have gone cloth.
One friend who recently had a baby did lots of research. I took advantage of all the work she had already done and asked her lots of questions. Then I went to a woman in our church who has used cloth diapers (I think for all six of her children). I figure, if she isn't a pro by now, nobody is. I got great insight from both women.
For solely economical reasons, the most financially efficient cloth diapering system is using 8-ply chinese or indian pre-fold diapers (your standard cloth diaper) and a water-proof cover. She recommended Bummis.
There are many modern brands that are cut around the legs, have inserts, etc. and are considered by many parents to be a little easier to use. Still, my friend from church made a valid point: when you cut away fabric to get rid of the bulk and make it more 'fitted' you lose absorbency. I have taken all of this into consideration. I based my decision on a few factors.
1) This is new to me and I want to be committed to it. I need to do what I am able to handle & not bite off too big a chunk at first. Still, I want to dive in full force at the same time.
2) I need something that Lee will be comfortable using. He has a little trouble with poopy diapers as it is, so going cloth will be a stretch for him. I appreciate his willingness.
3) I don't want Lydia Jane to always look like she has a huge bum.
4) I need a system and I need options.
So... I ordered the FLIP cloth diapers kit to get started. But I am going to order a Bummis cover or two and standard 8-ply cloth diapers. These I will for sure use for night because there is longer need for absorbency. But I am starting with the "simpler to apply" method of the FLIP system just to get us started. They are supposed to arrive in the mail tomorrow. After our next pay check I will order some of the pre-folds and Bummis covers.
Right now all I have ordered are two covers, 6 organic inserts, and 12 stay-dry inserts. That cost me $101. Eighteen inserts will not be enough to function completely on cloth diapering. From what I have heard I need about 36-48 so that I'm not doing a half load of diapers every single day in order to have some dry and ready when I need them.
This is a video review of the flip diapering system.
I am eager to jump in to this challenge and look forward to blogging all about it and keep you posted on the challenges, funny moments, and adventures of cloth diapering!
You can also google or YouTube "Bummis" and see some of the options from that system.


  1. Way to go girl! I have zero children, nor any in the near future but I have already decided to be a cloth mom all the way. Way to save the planet and your pocketbook! You can do it!

  2. We plan on using cloth diapers as well. We are going to use bumgenius, which were recommended by a lot of people. They are so cute and grow with the baby which is nice! Everything may be expensive in the beginning, but it will save a lot of money in the end!

  3. Thank you ladies! Yes, I got ones that grow with the baby. Definitely a plus! haha.
    I CAN do this. Planet saving & money saving--sure feels good. :)