Monday, October 11, 2010

Vocabulary Mishaps

Sometimes Lee, while very intelligent, uses the wrong words for things. Sweet guy. I started noticing it when I was pregnant and then it continued after Lydia was born.

Here are a couple of my favorite examples:

Background: While in Las Vegas for Kelsie's wedding, Lee bought me a Dodgers maternity shirt.
Statement made while at home while putting clothing away:

Lee says, "Hey babe. Here's your onesie."
Sara Jo, confused, looks up, sees the 'onesie' aka maternity shirt and responds, "Well, I do try to avoid shirts that button at the crotch, but thank you babe."
He made this vocabulary mishap on more than one occasion. Hillarious.

The other favorite occured after Lydia was born.

Background: At home just a few days after LJ's birth, I'm in the living room with her and need Lee to get something for me.
Sara says, "Lee, can you go get me her binky please."
Lee responds, "Sure. Is it in her cage?"
Sara gives a confused look back and clarifies hesitantly, "umm, you mean her crib?"
Lee, a little embarrassed, "umm. yah."
This mishap was also made more than once and my mom and I really enjoyed teasing Lee about that.
However, I have had my share of vocabulary mishaps, as well. Only a really good one worth sharing that comes to mind and it is much more embarrassing than any of Lee's.

Background: It is a few days before Christmas 2009. Lee's family is at our home to celebrate Christmas because we will be heading to Kansas for the Holidays. Lee & I have known we are pregnant for just a couple weeks at this point and we are getting ready to tell the family. Our house is very cold in the winter and doesn't heat very evenly throughout the house so there are some "cold spots." I see my father-in-law shivering in his leather coat in the living room and I go to grab our little space heater to set up next to him.

Setting the heater next to him, I say, "Here you go! This little heater works great AND it ovulates!"
My father-in-law cleverly and quickly responds, "If it does that I don't want to be anywhere near it."
I am stumbling to correct, "Uh! I mean OSCILATES!"


  1. thanks for giving me a good laugh today! i love you two! can't wait for Lydia to start talking! love you all!

  2. Oh my gosh! Kevin and I are dying of laughter right now! We love your blog!!