Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The arrival of FLIP

My first set of cloth diapers have arrived.

Getting started was a little stressful because you have to follow the washing/drying instructions very strictly AND you have to use the right kind of detergent. I kept re-reading the instructions over and over before I finally tossed the things in the wash.

They look great on Lydia, but I still have several things to figure out to get my system ready.

1. Diaper pail
2. Diaper pail liner(s)--which one!? so many to choose from and expensive, I want to get the right one!
3. My total "system" (where will I rinse the solid unmentionables when they become too much to just wash, etc.)
4. Dry/wet bag for when we are away from home
5. More diapers & covers

I started the cloth diapers on Lydia last night right before bed. And I went through a full 24 hrs with what I have. I have enough inserts to keep going, but not enough covers for the little poop leak we had on the second cover I used. So back into a disposable for tonight until these are washed and dried again.

The only issue I am having is that my little doll's bum is wet when I go to change her. That is no bueno. Of course, maybe I waited to long to change her. I'm not sure. So far I only used the "Stay Dry" inserts (which obviously she didn't really STAY DRY). BUT, I may just need to change her more frequently. Not sure as we are definitely still in the trial run of this all. I have organic pre-folds I will try tomorrow & see how I feel about those.

I am not going to give up on the Stay Dry Inserts or the FLIP system I just need to do a little more research and ask some friends who use them.

I ordered a great 'starter kit' from bummis. When those arrive I will have 2 bummis covers, 6 Indian Prefolds & 5 Chinese Prefolds & One Snappi to hold the prefolds closed. I also went ahead and ordered a diaper pail liner and one small and one medium travel bag for the soiled diapers. These will definitely help my system here at home and on the go! I also ordered a BumGenius All-in-one 3.0 diaper just to see how I like an "all in one system". I think I will like the velcro fasteners on these better than the snaps like on the Flip covers (just because it is a little quicker). I also ordered one BumGenius 4.0 with an insert. I could have ordered this one with snaps or hook and loop closure. I chose hook and loop. Those probably won't be here until next Friday.

I'll keep you posted. :)


  1. wow. who knew that being a mom would involve to many big and small decisions. i'm proud of you for trying! you'll have it all figured out by the time my turn comes :) love yoU!

  2. Look at this (or something like it)

    just rinse the solids right into the toilet!

  3. Hi Sara Jo! I am so excited to hear how your cloth diapering goes. I am going to do it with our son. I just really feel like we will save so much money. I have just started doing research so I can't wait to learn as much from u as I can before his arrival! By the way Lydia is absoultely precious! She Is such a cutie! Take care!

  4. Thanks Priscilla! I am learning so much and my other batch of cloth diapers are arriving tomorrow. I am very excited! I would love to exchange "research finds" on this adventure. You will save a ton of money, especially if a #4 comes along. :)

  5. OH Kassie! Yes, I have seen that. is where I have ordered everything from so far. But what I can't figure out how to make practical is getting the diaper to the bathroom to rinse it. What I mean is, my changing table areas are in her room upstairs and on the pack n play downstairs. So do I just lay the diaper to the side while I change her and when I'm all done and can put her somewhere else THEN carry the diaper to the bathroom to rinse it? It just doesn't seem practical to me. It's my only discouraging dilemma at the moment. But it will not stop me! I will probably get a sprayer at some point. Fortunately she is 100% breast fed right now so no solids I need to rinse off before the pre-rinse wash cycle.

  6. I have the Bum Genius 4.0 with snaps. I've only tried them a few times since Ellie is too small I think for them yet. I also have a few of the FLIP and am excited to try those. For my "system" I have a regular garbage can (opens with a pedal) and I bought two liners for them so one can be washed while the other is in the container. I just dump the diapers straight into the can for now, as breast milk BMs are completely water soluble.

    Oh, and from what I understand, the reason her bum is wet is because disposable diapers absorb a lot more, meaning people end up leaving them on a lot longer. It does mean you have to change the diaper more often, but it's actually better for her in the long run, and supposedly the potty train much faster too.

    You'll have to tell me which to-go bags you got, I still need to get one of those! ANyway, we'll have to chat more about this soon...especially as you become the expert while I wait for my baby to get big enough! :)

  7. Well Mrs. Chappy, I am sure she is most certainly NOT big enough. As some of the diapers even seemed bulky & big on Lydia when she was 12 lbs!
    I need to make a new post, because I got a bumgenius diaper a couple weeks ago and an AIO (all in one) diaper just to try them out. FLIP is working great, and yese I just change her more often. But even at night she can go 12 hours without a diaper change and no leak which is awesome.
    We will talk CD at our Thanksgiving get together & I'll have my "to-go" bag with me to show you. So far it is working great.