Saturday, July 24, 2010

Early Arrival

Our precious baby came a month early one very surprising morning while Lee was away at camp and I was home alone. It was an amazing day & we're still tryin to wrap our minds around the fact that she's here with us, oh and that she is a SHE. I'll post the birth story when I have a little more energy. :) It's a good one.

Welcome to our family, sweet

Lydia Jane Waldron

6 lbs 5 oz - 18 inches

July 20 at 7:49am

Sunday, July 18, 2010

unstoppable motivation... oh wait, except for the aching feet

I have been incredibly motivated lately. Sat down to pee yesterday morning and before leaving the bathroom I am suddenly on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor. Last night I washed and ironed our new bedding and if I could, I would set up our new headboard in our room and move our bed frame to the guest bedroom. But even not pregnant I wouldn't be able to to get any of those things up or down the stairs. If only my 15 and 16-year-old nephews lived close. I would definitely be putting them to work. Today I did some serious speed shopping at walmart right after I got done with 2-year-old Sunday School. I bought all the things Lee needed for Junior High Camp this week, some groceries, and things for painting. I came home, sent my man off, and then came back home to conquer a project.
The plan was to prime a small section of one wall in the baby's room so that I could try a yellow paint sample and see what it would actually look like. (I've already gone through 4 aqua samples & have now decided to paint the room yellow. . . I think). Anyways, I started priming the section and I just couldn't stop. I painted the whole wall, then the second wall, and then a first coat on the third wall. I am motivated enough to go finish it EXCEPT my feet are throbbing!!! I just know I could finish. Now here I am wanting to work on all sorts of projects in our home and I know if I do my feet will hurt so bad it will be hard to sleep and maybe even when I get up tomorrow. darn.
So I guess that leaves me with homework. I'll do homework while my feet rehabilitate. sigh. the one thing I struggle the most to find motivation for.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sew: A needle pulling thread Part 2

My mom mailed the bumper to me and it arrived a couple days ago. Ever since it's arrival my (swollen) fingers have been working away to finish it! I am just so excited to see the finished look that I just keep sewing even if it's midnight and/or my back is aching.
I am feeling really good about how it is turning out. Yes, if you look closely at it you will find lots of flaws in my hand stitched trim and pieces of fabric that were not cut straight, but it's really okay. This is the first thing in my life that I have actually sewn & I'm proud of it either way!
The act of sewing is therapeutic and self-gratifying. Every time I finish a section or the piece of thread I had started it feels so good. My Little Bean, whether boy or girl, will one day look back at these pictures of his/her young mama just sewing away in eager anticipation for his/her arrival. :)
I just absolutley love my colors and my fabrics. It is going to look so great all together! I am just a little over a yard from having the trim completely done & all I will have left to do are the ties to attach it to the crib. Yay! :)
As soon as I'm done and have a crib mattress I will put the whole ensemble together & post some pics, but it may be a couple of weeks.
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mixed Messages

The other night I'm sitting on the couch reading for school and Lee is sitting just a few feet from me waiting for his play station 3 football game to load. It's taking a little while so he starts playing with his phone.

A few moments later I hear him kind of mutter to himself, "...August... just a couple weeks away..."

I smile and energetically respond, "I know! Can you believe it! Less than six weeks until our due date!"

One look at his face and I knew. . . "You're not talking about our baby are you?"

Lee hesitates and then responds, "umm.. well, no. August is when the new Madden 2011 game comes out... but, I'm excited about our baby, too!"

I laughed so much (and texted my sister immediately). It got me pretty good. Oh husband.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our little friend Violet

Violet had lots to say on the phone, but she was hard to capture because she likes to spin around a lot and I'm just not as quick on the ground with this bowling ball mid-section of mine. Still we were all pretty entertained with her little trick of talking on the phone. We're all sure she learned it from watching her mama.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lovin' Lamaze

Did you know that right after normal, unmedicated childbirth if you lay the baby directly on the mother's bare stomach and give it time it will eventually crawl up to the breast and latch on? I watched a video on a study done and I watched a newborn baby literally push itself up its mother's belly until it found her nipple and began to eat. I am not kidding you! The baby rested and adjusted to its surroundings for about 20 minutes before doing so, but it was absolutely phenomenal! It isn't that the baby knows how to crawl at birth, the research study actually said it was a reflex. The baby is born knowing what to do and how to do it. I won't go on with too many details but there are several factors, such as the smell of a lubricant produced by the nipple that resembles the smell of amniotic fluid and thus draws the baby to it because it is most familiar, that aid in this very natural process. Yet, in hospitals the baby is often wisked away to be given shots, cleaned up, et cetera. I am not criticizing anyone who has had unnatural birth or not chosen to do it this way I just think it is incredible how God designed human beings! Think back to when there were no interventions or when women didn't have guides on how or what to do when it came to breast feeding etc. God gave babies the human instinct to find what they needed. I wish you could all see the videos I saw because they were captivating.

So I'm going to try it. Despite how much I may frustrate the nurses or get criticized, I am writing in my birth plan that no routine newborn procedures need to be done until after the baby has nursed. As long as my baby is breathing fine I'm going to lay it on my tummy and just enjoy it. I'm not going to pull it straight up to my breast and try and make it feed right away, I think I'm going to let it find its way. Go ahead, call me crazy, but even if I'm wrong it isn't like this is going to hurt my baby. Laying on my tummy is the closest it will be to its former home anyway--and I don't care if it's slimey or whatever--it will be my baby, my beautiful, healthy, happy, God made & hand crafted, instinct-given little perfect miracle.

Wow. We're going to be parents.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

7 weeks to go: Crib Assembly

Setting up the crib was a little surreal & yet strangely natural. Lee is pretty proud of his 1 hr 11 min assembly/set-up time. (I'm proud of him, too). He had no real set-backs or moments of frustration, and he did it about 99.75% by himself. I just helped unpack a few things and hold a couple of pieces for him. So he gets all the props.
It looks beautiful!

Friday, July 2, 2010

A glance back to early December 2009

Where it all began... well, kind of. ;)
Above is the moment Lee realized that my lack of a response to his question, "Did you pick up a test? And?" meant that I wasn't exactly going to offer any reassurance. He did it in a room full of junior highers so I was kind of stuck. We went home later and after neither of us spoke about it for hours we finally acknowledged the big news, but without really saying it.

It's kind of funny to look back now. This was early December--we were so overwhelmed and didn't know how to feel--and now here we are in July less than 2 months away from welcoming our little Bean into the world.
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"next month we're having a baby"... What!?

Yesterday morning I woke up and remembered, 'It's July 1.' Then I thought, "JULY!? That means we're having a baby NEXT MONTH." Pretty crazy realization I must admit. At some point next month, whether it is 'on schedule' or not Lee and I will head to the delivery wing at Reedley Hospital as two in our vehicle & the next time we leave together there will be a third member of our family with us. I don't know if we can really fathom it until we're in that moment and even then I don't know how we'll wrap our minds around it.

We still have lots to do to get ready, but we're holding out until after the baby showers. :) I finally picked out a stroller & carseat though and our crib should be here in the next week!

Last week we went to our first Lamaze class and last night was the second one. I'm loving it! Lee is really enjoying it, too. We are both learning so much and we feel really empowered and a lot more ready being quite a bit more informed about just how some of this whole labor thing works. It is also comforting to have a better grasp about some of the common practices, what is necessary and what isn't, and to be reminded that we do have a choice as to how our labor goes even in the hospital. The first night she said to us, "Remember you are going to the hospital not because you are sick or having an emergency, birth is a totally normal and healthy thing so it doesn't have to be treated like or worried about like a surgery or a medical crises." Of course, she reminded us that things do happen, but that there are ways to decrease those chances and that in all reality the chances are very low. She also says to us that you can't "plan birth" because birth will have its surprises, but you can plan FOR birth. I'd have to say Lee & I are pretty excited about the event. I know that it will be painful, but the reward will be so great and so worth it. I feel excited to see and experience something God created my female body to do & I know that He made me strong enough to do it so I haven't really felt fear or anxiety about the situation.