Sunday, July 18, 2010

unstoppable motivation... oh wait, except for the aching feet

I have been incredibly motivated lately. Sat down to pee yesterday morning and before leaving the bathroom I am suddenly on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor. Last night I washed and ironed our new bedding and if I could, I would set up our new headboard in our room and move our bed frame to the guest bedroom. But even not pregnant I wouldn't be able to to get any of those things up or down the stairs. If only my 15 and 16-year-old nephews lived close. I would definitely be putting them to work. Today I did some serious speed shopping at walmart right after I got done with 2-year-old Sunday School. I bought all the things Lee needed for Junior High Camp this week, some groceries, and things for painting. I came home, sent my man off, and then came back home to conquer a project.
The plan was to prime a small section of one wall in the baby's room so that I could try a yellow paint sample and see what it would actually look like. (I've already gone through 4 aqua samples & have now decided to paint the room yellow. . . I think). Anyways, I started priming the section and I just couldn't stop. I painted the whole wall, then the second wall, and then a first coat on the third wall. I am motivated enough to go finish it EXCEPT my feet are throbbing!!! I just know I could finish. Now here I am wanting to work on all sorts of projects in our home and I know if I do my feet will hurt so bad it will be hard to sleep and maybe even when I get up tomorrow. darn.
So I guess that leaves me with homework. I'll do homework while my feet rehabilitate. sigh. the one thing I struggle the most to find motivation for.

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