Friday, July 2, 2010

"next month we're having a baby"... What!?

Yesterday morning I woke up and remembered, 'It's July 1.' Then I thought, "JULY!? That means we're having a baby NEXT MONTH." Pretty crazy realization I must admit. At some point next month, whether it is 'on schedule' or not Lee and I will head to the delivery wing at Reedley Hospital as two in our vehicle & the next time we leave together there will be a third member of our family with us. I don't know if we can really fathom it until we're in that moment and even then I don't know how we'll wrap our minds around it.

We still have lots to do to get ready, but we're holding out until after the baby showers. :) I finally picked out a stroller & carseat though and our crib should be here in the next week!

Last week we went to our first Lamaze class and last night was the second one. I'm loving it! Lee is really enjoying it, too. We are both learning so much and we feel really empowered and a lot more ready being quite a bit more informed about just how some of this whole labor thing works. It is also comforting to have a better grasp about some of the common practices, what is necessary and what isn't, and to be reminded that we do have a choice as to how our labor goes even in the hospital. The first night she said to us, "Remember you are going to the hospital not because you are sick or having an emergency, birth is a totally normal and healthy thing so it doesn't have to be treated like or worried about like a surgery or a medical crises." Of course, she reminded us that things do happen, but that there are ways to decrease those chances and that in all reality the chances are very low. She also says to us that you can't "plan birth" because birth will have its surprises, but you can plan FOR birth. I'd have to say Lee & I are pretty excited about the event. I know that it will be painful, but the reward will be so great and so worth it. I feel excited to see and experience something God created my female body to do & I know that He made me strong enough to do it so I haven't really felt fear or anxiety about the situation.

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  1. Just got all caught up on the last month of blog posts that I missed while in Africa. You are going to make such an amazing mom! Can't wait to see the new little one whenever that opportunity arises. Who knows when that will be since it would be almost impossible for us to get farther away from each other, but it'll happen. And until then, I'll keep checkin' in here because I'm sure there will be plenty of pictures, right?
    Love always,
    Bekah <><