Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mixed Messages

The other night I'm sitting on the couch reading for school and Lee is sitting just a few feet from me waiting for his play station 3 football game to load. It's taking a little while so he starts playing with his phone.

A few moments later I hear him kind of mutter to himself, "...August... just a couple weeks away..."

I smile and energetically respond, "I know! Can you believe it! Less than six weeks until our due date!"

One look at his face and I knew. . . "You're not talking about our baby are you?"

Lee hesitates and then responds, "umm.. well, no. August is when the new Madden 2011 game comes out... but, I'm excited about our baby, too!"

I laughed so much (and texted my sister immediately). It got me pretty good. Oh husband.

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