Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Anniversary Recap

Lee had to take a picture on his phone so that he could post to facebook where he had taken me for our anniversary. :) isn't that cute?

We had a great dinner at Ruth's Chris Steak House.

The food was so delicious--from beginning to end.

The baby thought so, too. :)

The night before our anniversary I was feeling a little sad, because on May 8 our home was burglarized while we were in Bakersfield and the diamond earrings Lee had given me for our wedding were stolen. On the eve of our anniversary I was feeling the loss more personally knowing I wouldn't be able to wear them to our anniversary dinner like I had imagined doing every year for the rest of our lives when he first gave them to me.
I felt a little ashamed that I was putting so much emotional investment into a "thing"--a sentimental thing, yes, but a thing nonetheless. So I shared my feelings with Lee and then finished doing my devotions before bed. As we laid our heads down I prayed out loud,
"Lord, I'm sorry that I am consumed with this right now. I am so thankful for all that you have given us, that my husband is healthy, for a year of marriage, and our healthy baby on the way. I have so much to praise you for.
I ask, Lord, that you give us a victory tomorrow for our anniversary. Please give us a victory in this whole burglary mess. Just one, however small, just one for us on our anniversary. We would really like it, God."
The things we lost in the burglary were:
Both of our laptops (and thus the photos & files on them)--please don't tell me we should have backed it all up, I know this full well now. Hindsight really IS 20/20.
My wedding earrings
A ring I wore in my wedding that had been my mother's
My Grandma Sara's gold & Jade ring
Various jewelry pieces: my class ring from APU, a Tiffany ring, some earrings

After we returned home from dinner we were getting ready for bed & for some strange reason I was kind of thumbing through my jewelry drawer. I really don't remember why I was even looking in there. Since the burglary I have searched the drawer on several occasions hoping a piece I thought was missing had been dropped or shuffled under something else, but had never had any luck finding anything. Then, literally like a miracle, there was my Grandma Sara's Jade ring staring up at me.

I immediately just said, "Thank you Jesus!"
And that was it. That was our victory.
I don't know how I had missed the ring before, I don't know how it had fallen out of the box they had taken from the drawer, I don't know--I just know I serve a God that is THAT great.
Thanks for the victory, Lord.

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