Thursday, May 27, 2010


My best friend pointed out to me the other day that I am totally nesting. I've been organizing rooms, deep cleaning, sorting, etc. I guess I just thought nesting was only what I would do in regards to the baby's room, but I think nesting has spread through my whole house.

On the topic of the baby's room, however, I'd like to show you a couple of my nesting purchases.

1st is the fabric for the baby bedding.
I'm going with an aqua, wheat/yellow, antique red, & brown.

2nd I bought an antique dresser that had been refinished in the same aqua color. I did my best to get the photo to truly represent the color, but who knows what it looks like on your computer screen. So just trust me, it's beautiful!!

I found this girl through
She only lives a little more than an hour from me & so I found another antique dresser on Craigslist & she is refinishing that one for our bedroom.
Check her out at:
Her name is Julie & her style is so cute!

I think I am going to paint the walls the yellow in my color pallet. We'll see!!


  1. Love the colors! That dresser is very cute.

  2. i love it! you just went for it, huh? I didn't realize you bought the one off of etsy! so cute. i'm going to have to check out her store.

    i'm being crafty with Sil, and we're making you and little Bean something :)

    I LOVE YOU! this time next week...we'll be TOGETHER! WOOHOO!!!

  3. Sooo cute. are you using the dresser for a changing table?? p.s. i hear your husband is being shipped off to our house tonight!

  4. the plan is to use it as a changing table. But it is pretty tiny so I definitely have room for a changing table if I want one. Not sure though.
    Yep, sending Lee to you. You are welcome to come over for this thing at my house this evening, but... yeah, not that exciting so I won't put you through that. However I am really looking forward to farmer's market next week.