Wednesday, June 23, 2010

this handsome fella I call "Dad"

I really couldn't ask for a better father. Sure, he has his flaws and there are times we don't agree or see eye-to-eye, but I've never had to question for a moment whether or not he loves me. Just yesterday my mother & I drove from Norman, OK to the airport in Wichita, KS and when we got there my dad had brought a carload up from Chapman to surprise us and send me off. (Okay, so he also really wanted to see my mom and drive her home the rest of the way, but it was to say goodbye to me again, too!) What a great dad.
My dad has provided for every physical need I have ever had. His generosity was misunderstood in my younger years & I went through phases of resenting being spoiled or some crazy things like that. But as I matured (finally) I saw his generosity and kindness as true love for me. I will gratefully share that he has paid the thousands and thousands of dollars for me to pursue my education, both undergraduate and now my masters, get my pilots license, travel to different countries, and follow my dreams. You can't put a dollar sign on the ways he has blessed me, but I wouldn't have been able to do them without the money either.
He is a great Papa, too. My two youngest nephews would probably follow him just about anywhere & I love seeing the satsifaction in all of their faces after a day well spent together. The amazing thing about my dad with children is that he can be a harsh & stern disciplinary and the kids still adore him. Maybe it is because when he scolds or corrects, he does it when it needs to be done & then he moves on with grace and energy for the positive things to come.
And on top of all of that, my dad is really pretty cool. I mean, look at him!

Because of my dad's goodness to me and his greatness as a father, I am going to be a better mother.
Belated Happy Father's Day, Dad!

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