Monday, June 21, 2010

oh the places you've been

I have officially taken Bean all over the place. (For those of you who don't know, Bean is my first child, still in the womb, gender unknown) :) Since discovering our little Bean existed, he/she has gone with me to the following places:
Guadlajara, Mexico
Cambria, California (the Coast)
Drove from Colorado back to Chapman, Kansas for a second time
Drove from Kansas to Illinois (thus hitting Missouri & Iowa in between)
In Illinois, Bean & I visited family in Rockton and great friends in Chicago
Drove back to Kansas again, and then drove to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma!
Tomorrow we will drive to Wichita board a plane and go see dad back in California! We haven't been with him since June 7! We are just sure he misses both of us terribly.
Being home and all the places in between has been amazing. I've been able to spend lots of time with my mom & 2 of my 3 sisters. I tried really hard to pull off being able to see the 3rd in Amarillo, TX but it just didn't work out. It was a very productive trip home, too. We accomplished a lot on the baby bedding we are making, (though I still have several yards of hand stitching to do.) I am very excited about the bedding. The crib skirt looks amazing--because my Aunt Linda did that. The bumper, well... it has been made by me WITH LOVE, but definitely isn't a master-piece of precision sewing. I am doing my best, Bean! Today, in Oklahoma City, my mom and I are going to go order my crib at Babies R Us. Very exciting!
The doctors are going by an Aug 19 due date, but I am pretty sure one of the sonograms is more on target with where I am at and it had a due date of Aug 24. So I am kind of going by the 24th. This will also make going late--if I do--a little easier mentally if I am not gunning for the 19th. This means that we are 2 months from game time. How did the last 7 months go by so quickly? I am very excited to meet our little Bean, but I am also very thankful for 2 more months of prep time.
My parents will be flying out and have lots of time to stay and enjoy us and our newest addition to the family. Bean will be their 9th grandchild! They are both very excited and Lee & I are even more excited to share that with them and show our home and lives in Reedley to them. It will be a great visit!
Some favorite pictures from my recent adventures in the U.S. Of course, there are many more favorites then this, but this blog is taking way too long to load them so I will post some more later!!

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