Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our Travels

I can't believe I am just now getting to this, but on May 30, Lee took me to the coast (Cambria, CA) to celebrate our one year anniversary. We stayed two nights and had a great time relaxing, walking, riding bikes, touring Hearst Castle, seeing Elephant Seal beach, and just enjoying one another's company in the quaint little town of Cambria.
We went on a 4.5 mile bike ride. At one point the uphill was a little intense for me. Lee offers to take my purse to make it easier. (such a kind thought). But in considering the added weight he couldn't take from me (the extra 15 pounds around my mid section), I didn't think offering my 3.5 pound purse would make much of a difference.
We got home from Cambria on Tuesday, June 1. On Thursday, June 3 we drove down to LA to jump on a plane bound for Colorado! We spent an amazing weekend with some of Lee's closest college buddies and all their wives. One of which is My BEST FRIEND! It was an amazing weekend together-I mentioned it in an earlier blog, but here are just a couple of photos. :)
Someday this picture below will be reversed bellies!

From Colorado Lee had to head back to California, but I went on to Kansas. I miss my wonderful husband, but it is also so great to see my family and be home for the first time since Christmas. I have been very busy and have already been to Illinois & back!

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  1. such a busy, beautiful mama!
    the pics are great! you look so good :)