Monday, December 14, 2009

When, like 2 yr olds, we can do nothing but freeze or cry loudly. . .

Well, last night was the big Christmas Program at church. I teach 2-year-old Sunday School every other month so I had the honor of helping lead the kick-off of the big night. It was our turn and we hurried to scoot the kids up onto the steps. However, in their nervousness they became like little stick figures you had to lift up onto the steps. I kept thinking, "Can people see my underwear line?" and "Does my butt look huge when I bend over to pick up a small child?" and "Are people thinking about how weird I look up here trying to scoot these kids on to the stage--is there protocol for this?"
We got all the little ones up there but I sat closely on the bottom step while one held my hand and the other edged closer and closer to me slowly wrapping her arms and legs around me. Once again I felt absolutely ridiculous remaining on the steps, I couldn't help but think, "What if ppl think I'm trying to steal the attention away from 2 year olds!" But the panic in little Micah's and Lily's eyes was too much for me to slink away out of the light. So I remained and hoped the mic wouldn't pick up my voice singing.
Of the 8 we had on stage only 2 sang the duration of our 3 short songs.One sweet boy burst into loud sobs-directly into the microphone-as SOON as the first song began. It was priceless. Two others moved their lips occasionally and the four boys in the front stood hands in pockets or arms folded as they gazed out nervously to the large crowd. Nonetheless, everyone loved them! After our songs I worked to help them down the stairs. I looked up just in time to see another little girl walk confidently back towards the manger. She placed her hands on the wooden edge, stretched onto her toes, and sweetly kissed the baby Jesus.

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