Tuesday, December 22, 2009

To the plains we go

It is 10 minutes till 11pm, I have approximately 12 hrs before I need to be in the car and heading to the airport. I have packed so far: one pair of jeans and a plethora of underwear. So why exactly am I taking the time to blog? There is a great answer to that question and it reveals a little something about yours truly. See, like most moments in life I begin to work on something else and in the process of doing that something it reminds me of something else I need to do and I start doing the something else. In this case, it was printing the labels for the back of our Christmas cards that say, "Check out our blog!" This made me think, "I should really blog more often." And here I am!

We are heading to Kansas tomorrow and we are very excited. We're hoping our plane is able to land tomorrow night in Kansas City despite the incoming blizzard. Oh Kansas, please welcome us calmly. :)

Last Sunday Lee & I led the Children's Story at church. Speaking of plethora--there were TONS of people and TONS of children. Still, I drew to my mind the dozens of times I have seen my mother lead the children's story at church. We did pretty good, of course with no credit to ourselves. (Thanks Mom!)

I really should finish the Christmas cards and pack.
Until Kansas...

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