Saturday, December 12, 2009

6 months in. . .

We were married on May 24 of this year. It was a great wedding with lots of good friends and loved family. I was a little sick, it rained during our outdoor ceremony, the butterflies rebelled and refused to fly, and many little details were forgotten, but this phased us not. The day remained absolutely wonderful and completely unharmed.
We honeymooned in St. Augustine, Florida where it released from the heavens a torrential down pour and I continued on with being sick each day. We both finally admitted it to one another that our little "honeymoon bliss" wasn't playing out exactly like we pictured it. So mid-honeymoon we made arrangements to switch hotels and head to Jacksonville where we actually laid on the beach, kayaked, swam, and had a wonderful time in the humid, but sunny Jacksonville!
The summer was a whirl wind while I worked 12+ hrs a day at a fruit packing shed. Never again! However, we learned valuable lessons from our stressful time. On one particular day I did not return home until 1:30am. As it was the middle of the night I was very tired and my new husband was already in bed fast asleep. He was kind enough to leave the hall light on for me. (Thanks babe). I looked at the piles I would need to avoid and then flipped off the light. Deciding my best route was crawling up from the bottom of the bed I started on my hands and knees. Thinking I was touching Lee with my left hand I quickly dropped my right shoulder and flopped over on to my side. The problem was I hadn't been touching Lee-I was nowhere near the middle of the bed. So in my quick and exhausted collapse I actually threw myself off the bed. The small space between bed and wall was just close enough to knock me back and forth at least once. I immediately began moaning. Lee woke up in complete confusion. I whimpered for his assistance and as he came over to me he looks at me in confusion and says, "I left the light on for you."
In his half awake state he would continue to repeat this statement for the next 10 minutes while I laid painfully in bed holding to my already bruising hip a "Nemo" ice pack. "Left the light on for you.." he mumbles as he drifts off. Obviously he wasn't putting it together that I would need to turn the light off in order to go to bed.
Needless to say, I was a little sore for the next few days and I have never again crawled onto the bed from the foot. True to our lives, we laughed about it later. . .

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  1. I read this story thinking the whole time thinking, Lee and Sara are EXACTLY like me and Jessica! It's a little too eerie.