Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Do the daddy dance!

Lee is a great dad.

A few favorite things that dad does:
Flies her in the air. This is a lot of work for dad to do for long periods of time with our little heavy weight, but she absolutely loves it.
Fake laughs. You would be surprised just how much she loves this. Lee looks ridiculous of course, but it always gets a giggle-or straight up belly laugh-out of our little princess.
Sings to her. I always get a kick out of hearing Lee either A)Make up his own random songs that don't make any sense, or B) Lee acting out his secret fantasy of being in BoysIIMen. His pitch may be off most of the time, but Lydia adores every imperfect note.
The Daddy Dance. Lydia loves when dad stands her up on his legs, puts his hands around her middle, and twists her little hips around like she is dancing. She bounces and wiggles as he does it really fast and says rhythmically, "Do the daddy dance. Do the daddy dance."

A couple daddy mishaps:
Putting her clothes on backwards. What?! The buttons on my shirts go in the front.
Asking, "She can have a grape can't she?" Hmm... can you say choking hazard? And this is why Lee has to run it by me before he puts anything in her mouth. :) He means well.

Daddy has been busy a lot lately. There have been lots and lots of meetings, activities, events, et cetera. Us girls were prepared for him to be gone every night this week. So last night when he took off to go to football practice for the Alumni Football game we were not upset. But when he showed back up about 15 minutes later we were shocked! Our sweet dad decided he should be at home with his 'sick' (allergies and teething-double bummer) little girl. We were so grateful. Thanks dad for all you do--and thanks for putting us first last night even if it meant a sacrifice of something you enjoy.

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