Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Asking for directions

The other day I decided kind of last second to drive to Visalia to hit Joann's the craft store. It was on a Sunday otherwise I totally would have hit Hobby Lobby, too. It was one of those days where I didn't feel like having the radio on. Lydia decided to take a little nap during the drive so things were quiet.

Lee and I have a lot going on so I decided to spend some time in prayer. I thanked the Lord for all He has done in our lives and for His greatness. I asked for His guidance and wisdom for life decisions and paths.

A short time later my mind jumped to a memory: while my mother was visiting she ran to Visalia to run some errands. My mother is such a trooper dashing around all over Fresno, Reedley, and Visalia having never been here before. While she was in Visalia her cell phone died and her GPS stopped working. Uh-oh! So she stopped somewhere and asked for directions to a Best Buy so she could get some help with her GPS. As I thought about that somehow my mind jumped to times when I have asked for directions or information from a gas station or fast food worker and actually forget to listen to and internalize what they were telling me. Yes. I have actually done this.

Then it hits me: Wasn't I praying a little while ago?

Then the bigger part hits me: How often do I ask God for directions and don't really listen to or internalize what He tells me?

What a shame that I have access to the One with the power and the wisdom to create and shape the Universe and humankind and yet when I ask Him a question I so often get too distracted to hear the answer.


  1. I think we all do this! I know I do... or I listen and hear Him and know He is right, but then go a completely opposite way, like its better than His way! We are such silly people sometimes!

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I find myself doing this all the time.