Saturday, January 7, 2012

Blog Catch Up Again

It has been over 3 months since I last blogged! And that wasn't even a blog. The truth is I thought that once school was done I would jump right into avid blogging, but what reallyk happened is I avoided the computer like someone coughing excessively in the grocery store. It isn't that I do not think about blogging, I do, all the time; it is probably a little vain, as if a large portion of my thoughts are just so good that surely all my family and friends would want to read all about them. Which is why my mental blog writing has never ceased. If something interesting or moving happens, or if a new thought occurs to me, I will literally start describing the event or thought in a mental blog. I have done this since I was a little girl, before I knew what blogging was, and I can only assume it is a God-given desire to write. It isn't that I think I am the best at it, I simply love to do it.

I set out on a resolution to blog at least once a week in the new year. And here it is the 7th day of 2012. I am going to have to make this brief as I am currently engrossed in and obsessed with two things: an awesome book Catching Fire the second book in The Hunger Game series and sleep. After being the sponsor at the HMB high school all nigher I do not feel like I have ever fully recovered.

I am also recovering from all of this...

On December 16th I flew to Port Orange, Florida with my parents for a wedding in which Lydia was the flower girl! I should really post pictures, but honestly don't want to take the time to do it right now and want to stick to my resolution for at least one week in the new year. :) I got back to Chapman around 9pm on the 19th and the weather wasn't all that great so I stayed the night there. On the 20th Lee came to Chapman and stayed the night with us there. I left Lydia with my mom the morning of the 21st and Lee and I drove back to Hillsboro so he could get to work and I could watch darling Alexandria Lee for the day. That night was the high school lock-in from 8pm-6:30am. ugh... I feel tired just writing that. I got home at 7am and slept until 12. Then I got up because there was a lot to do before heading back to Chapman in the evening to spend a couple days with my family. But before we left I took a spill on the ice and my already bad back has been TERRIBLY painful, along with my tailbone. bummer. I finished packing for our couple weeks of traveling and hit the road to Chapman. On the evening of the 23rd we did "Christmas Eve' with my family and on the actual Christmas Eve Lee went to the Raiders Game in KC because I'm the best wife ever and not only bought him a ticket, but let him go to a game on CHRISTMAS EVE. Lee and I stayed the night in Kansas City on Christmas Eve and flew out for California on Christmas Day. Traveling on Christmas Day is cheap and not really busy, but it is a bit of a downer. I feel like I missed the Christmas feel because I didn't get to attend a Christmas service. That had me bummed and I will definitely not miss one again. No more traveling on Christmas day for us.

We had an excellent time in Bakersfield with Lee's family and we even got to spend a few nights in Reedley seeing friends. It was an awesome time and we flew back on January 2nd. We got to KC at 11:55pm and slept at my sister's. Then we drove from KC to meet my family in Manhattan for my niece Merci's birthday party. Then to my parents in Chapman to get the dogs, then finally HOME in Hillsboro. And for the first NIGHT (bc the morning after the all nighter does not count as a night in my bed) in 19 days I slept in my own bed. ah. Lee went to work in the morning and I had a surprisingly wonderful day with Lydia and Lexi. Despite all the traveling and being tired The Lord renewed me over the break and I am very grateful.

We aren't done traveling though. On January 20th Lee and I (without Lydia) will fly to Miami, Florida to attend my commencement ceremony on the 21st. I will definitely post pictures of that. :)

Oh my book is tugging at my thoughts and I cannot help but run to the recliner to curl up and read. It will be another battle tonight between two favorite things: reading and sleeping. How much sleep will I sacrifice to read tonight?

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