Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blame the animal cracker

The other day Lydia was eating an animal cracker and bit her cheek. I could tell by the shocked look on her face, along with tears, and a tiny hand pressed against the site of the wound. I said, "Oh I'm so sorry Lydia. Did you bite your cheek? That does hurt!" With tears in her eyes and a little whimpering she looked at the animal cracker and then with frustration and anger threw it as hard as she could.

I laughed a little, because it was so innocent her perception of thinking the cookie was the one at fault for her pain. It must just be in our human nature I guess, to automatically blame an outside source other than ourself. The story is cute, but I do think it teaches us, ahem... me, a little about my own life. It simply makes me ask myself, "What is my own 'pain' or 'frustration' that I have put on outside factors other than myself that are really my own responsibility?

It is Jan 14, I am BARELY hanging in with my New Year's Resolution and I better get on the ball this week, because this time next week I will be at my Commencement Ceremony in Miami, Florida and I probably won't be making time for a blog entry.  My goal this week is to actually post some with some pictures!!

When I wrote on the 7th, I did no mention that I had almost had the chance to teach at Tabor. A current professor had been in and out of the hospital and pending her decision to teach her Interterm Course at Tabor (a daily class through the month of January so a student can complete an entire course in 3 1/2 weeks that would otherwise take an entire semester), I would fill in if necessary. But on last Saturday she had decided to teach. It was fine, and I was excited for future opportunities. But on Tuesday she was readmitted to the hopsital and I received a phone call at noon asking if I would teach the course. I didn't even hesitate, because this is like a huge gift straight from God. I have always said that I wanted to teach at Tabor College AND that I wanted to teach Public Speaking first. Isn't this crazy? God has plans even when I doubt them and I feel so loved that he was planning this for me even before we moved to Hillsboro.

I would like to throw out there that while I am thankful and joyful about this opportunity I am very sad for the teacher and the physical difficulties she is facing.

Of course I had very little time to prepare for the course and it has been a whirlwind of preparing materials and figuring everything out, but I have LOVED my time in class. I love college kids. I love the season of life they are in. I love trying to figure out how to tap into their potential and help them realize, especially those who don't think they are very 'academic', that they really can succede.

So while I was spending months blaming the outside factors for my internal frustration of not having a job opportunity and wondering what God had in store for me, He shocked me with a gift that I had not even attempted to receive. (I hadn't even turned in an application to Tabor yet! So I have to thank my husband for planting the seed of my interest to Aleen Ratzlaff!) Thanks Lee, you're the best. :) Needless to say, I am excited teaching this course and excited for the potential opportunities I could have teaching. There may not be one this spring, and I will miss teaching after J-term, but I know there are some other opportunities in my future and this will not be the last time I teach at Tabor.

God is so good and I am having so much fun!! It is the perfect schedule for me to get up and go teach from 8:30 to 12 and then come home to be with  my little one. I just love it.

Have a wonderful week and may you be blessed beyond measure!

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