Thursday, September 16, 2010

Make yourself at home... wasps?

Last Sunday I was in cleaning mode. So I took my handy dandy vaccuum hose on my more-than-awesome Dyson (thanks mom & dad for the rad Christmas gift last year) and I, as any good woman would do, 'dusted' (aka: sucked) the Air Conditioning filter on the ceiling in the hallway outside the bathroom. I smiled to myself w/ pride that I had actually done something productive to make our home cleaner (We've lived here over a year--that's the first time I've vaccuumed the filter).

Moving on. . .

About 15 minutes later I needed to pee. I skipped to the bathroom,(okay, so there was no skipping), took a seat, did my thing, except when I reached down to the ground to pick something up that had fallen off the bathtub ledge I got a little more than I bargained for. A wasp had hopped onto my forearm to hang out. Once I saw its creepy little face peak around my arm I flailed my arm, threw what I was holding and jumped up. My commotion caused 'something' else to take flight. It was then, like a well-filmed horror flick, I slowly looked around the bathroom *cue creepy foreshadowing music here* and saw them everywhere!

Three on the window, one on each wall, one behind the toilet. . .

but the majority taunted me from the ceiling light.

Okay, so they didn't do much taunting. Because the house was cool they were a little lathargic and didn't move fast. My brave husband swatted a few lone rangers on the wall and the next day I sucked some up with the same vaccuum hose that I believe stirred up their little neighborhood and sent them into my bathroom in the first place.

I didn't get to shower for 2 days--I was disgusting. So Lee & I wiped them all out so that I could shower. Thank goodness for that because the bug man didn't make it here until today.

Oh Life & its adventures.

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