Friday, June 17, 2011

Little Miss Stubborn

The more days I spend with Lydia Jane, the more we learn about one another. I have learned that she does not like to be restrained or 'forced' to do anything. She does not like her little arm and hand to be held and guided through the carseat strap or the sleeve of a shirt. She does not want her hand or face cleaned after a meal. She does not like to be laid down for a diaper change if she would rather be held. And she most certainly, under no circumstances, likes for me to hold her hand still to clip her fingernails. The screaming that ensues sounds like a simple fingernail trim is utter torture.

I ask myself...

Now where on earth did she get such a strong will and stubborn personality? ;) hmmm. . .

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  1. oh Sara Jo I am laughing a lot! love this post!