Sunday, February 13, 2011

props to {LEW}

Marriage is a funny and wonderful thing. There is so much learning to be done--and from what I hear, we will always be learning. However, the amount of learning you are forced to do that first year or two certainly has to be more than in any other years. I mean, learning to live with someone is...well... a lot of work at times.

Lee and I definitely have our moments. There are times and conversations we look back on from the first year of our marriage and find ourselves laughing at how ridiculous we were. "Did I really say that?!" and "I can't believe I thought that way!" are comments made often when we reflect at some of the selfish and unloving ways we acted. Yet at the time we were so sure we were right.

This blog isn't really about all those hard/learning times. This blogs is a props to you, Lee Edward Waldron. We are really fortunate to live across the street from where Lee works. So, every day (unless there is a meeting or he visits a school) Lee comes home for lunch. We love this time with Lee. It is so nice to break up his daily absence with a little visit from him. Lydia Jane & I look forward to it all morning. During the past couple weeks Lee has been doing the dishes while he is home on his lunch break. I always tell him he doesn't have to, but he says he wants to. And in the evening after dinner he is the first to jump up and do them again. It is really nice I must confess. After doing the juggling act of baby care, laundry, lunch and dinner prep, (homework somewhere in between), and just general life, it is really nice to have the dishes done for me. Some day we'll have a machine that does it, but right now my "dishwasher" is Lee and I couldn't be more grateful. Yes, I still do dishes, but he does the majority of it. And this little daily act speaks volumes of love to me!

Lee has no fear about blurring the stereo-typical man/woman roles in the home. He is happy to help cleaning up, folding laundry, or whatever life in a home demands.

I am an extremely blessed woman.
props to you {Lee}. i love you.

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